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We are¬†International School educators who met and married while living in Indonesia. We’re expecting our first child in November.

We have two great dogs. When we’re not working, we spend our time rock climbing in some of the worlds best locations.

When not climbing, we both enjoy photography, travel and watching movies. We don’t own a television, so we spend a lot of time reading great books too.

Let’s see where this blog will head. I have no vision, just wanted a place to share what we do. I often receive messages from readers who want more information, I usually do my best to answer quickly.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Eman, great job on the bolting!! I’m thinking of visiting Surabaya for the first time this July and wonder if there are routes up to 5.10b? I’m experienced with outdoor climbing and rappeling, just not a strong climber. Is a guide book or any beta available? Thank you. Have a great day ahead. Jae

    1. Gypsy woman, yes, they are a few routes in the 5.10 range. Actually, a couple of 5.8 and 5.9 too.


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