Well, after a year of living in Mallorca, Spain, Claire, Ernita and I have decided to return to the United States permanently. We believe that living here will be better in the long run. Life, with the exception of my prescription medications, just seems more straight forward here.

For now, we are in Bullhead, Arizona. This seems like a place to get our American life back on track. The local school district offers a four day school week, Joshua Tree and Red Rocks are just a couple of hours away, and summer start the first week of June. All of these factors make this a good temporary home homebase.

A lot has happened since I last posted. The biggest of which is the birth of our gorgeous daughter, Claire. Within just a couple of weeks, she accompanied us tot he class for some single pitch sport climbing. At six months, she flew to Indonesia with Ernita and then to Mallorca to connect with me and my new job. (A job it was too)

Claire, our daughter

The year in Mallorca was one of the longest I have ever had. While the island and climbing are excellent, other parts of my life, especially my views of what good education should be, were challenged. The nice thing is that I am now more certain than ever that for profit education rarely works.

The saving grace was the excellent location. Clear Oceans water, sea cliffs that offered deep water soloing and some great sport climbing on limestone. With that said, a year of no trad climbing reenforced my love of trad climbing. I won’t limit myself to one of the other, but I do have a strong need to place gear from time to time.


In between family, working and climbing, I managed to finished my Graduate program in Educational Leadership with the American College of Education. I found the program interesting and rewarding. The fact that I was already working as an administrator helped. It’s program I would definitely recommend to my teacher friends out there.

I will post picts with future post.


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