Graduation 2014 and Summer

The 2013/14 school year is over and it’s time to attend my 14th high school graduation ceremony. In all honesty, I’ve avoided ceremonies most of my life, I skipped my own graduation for a weekend of rock climbing on Donner Summit back in 1991.

As a school teacher, who teaches both middle school and high school, grad brings in a big sigh of relief. Let’s face it, students are excited, they’re headed into new directions and a new life. At the same time, I’m started my summer break. Summer is both a time to re-energize and to climb.

Over the last decade I’ve taught at several schools and in a few countries.

  • Middle School and High School Math
  • Secondary French
  • Middle Years Language Arts
  • Drama and video editing

But, like these graduates, my life heads in new direction too. In my case, I’ll be exploring the possibilities that school administration offers. Like seniors finishing high school, I’m experiencing butterflies about the change. Excited for a new opportunity, but worried that I’ll make a good school leader too.

This school year was also special because it was Ernita’s first year in the classroom. This means she’ll experience her first “real summer” vacation.

To those who don’t teach, summer is something all teacher look forward to. No matter how much we love our students, classrooms and subjects, it’s always nice to take a break, slow down, and for Ernita and I, head to the mountains.

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