Finding a Teaching Job Overseas

So, you’ve decided to give the International School System a try, now you just need to find a job. Here is some basic advice that has helped me over the years.

  • Start early. Most schools ask their current teachers if they are extending their contract in October or November and start posting position soon after. If I know I’m moving on, I start sending my résumé in October or November for the following school year. It’s not uncommon to sign a new contract by December.
  • I usually have a few schools or locations I’m interested in every year. I keep those in mind and email them my résumé, cover letter and recommendations early.
  • When you apply, make sure all your documents are up to date. Teaching certifications, passport copies transcripts and any other documents that might be needed. Many school also want a current photo.
  • If it’s your first time applying for an international teaching position, consider attending one of the International School job fairs. Directors and principals are more likely to hire you if they mean you face to face.
  • Consider registering with I’ve been a member for over 10 years and have never regretted the minor registration fee. I pay extra to receive the printed version of the newspaper too. TIEONLINE has new job postings almost daily. You can set up an electronic resume and send it directly to schools looking for teachers.
  • Download, install and make sure you can use Skype. Every one of my interviews has been on Skype and it’s becoming more and more common.
  • Follow-up, showing interest in a school helps.

Besides my membership to , I purchase the latest edition of the ISS Directory of International Schools every year. If you’ve never been in overseas school, you’ll be surprised at how many schools are listed.

The directory gives all the important information about the schools listed. Location, contact, salaries, class size and other details you may find useful.

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