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When people ask me what sell in editorial stock photography, I usually reply that anything can sell at anytime. That’s why when I travel, I shoot the images I want, but I also shoot random images that don’t have any significant meaning or artistic value to me.My latest license at is a Editorial shot of the Alamy  is an editorial shot of Arby’s sign.

Because the image will be used for editorial purposes, I don’t need to supply a property release. With no-one in the shot, I don’t need a model release either.

When ever I travel, I take similar images. Fast Food Chains, Department Stores, and other franchises threat me quite well in the stock photography market.

I have a growing collection of Mc Donalds and KFC images with writing in various language underneath.  McDonald’s sign with Thai writing, I have it, Startbucks with Chinese writing, I can help.

Shooting stock photography is an interesting and fun way for photographers to supplement their income. As both a climber and teacher who travels a lot, I’m fortunate enough to have opportunities to shoot a variety of images. If you want to learn more about stock photography, I can recommend the following book available on


  1. Thanks Anthony. I would say that most people who license images from Stock Photography libraries are looking for ordinary day to day life images.

    Yes, more specialize photographs also have a place, but in many cases, the company or organization just hires out to fill it’s need. This allows them to control every aspect of the image.


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