Well, Ernita and I found some climbers and made a day trip to Terelj National Park for some more climbing fun. I would have preferred to spend the entire weekend, but most of the climbers were happy with just a day trip. Considering that we met at 9:00, and didn’t leave till almost 10:00, it really wasn’t a full day of climbing, but a few hours of climbing is better than no climbing.

Those of you who read this blog regularly, and I’m not sure why you would, know that I spent the last couple of years focused on growing and running our climbing gym in Indonesia. What I didn’t take into consideration on this trip was how much of the psychological  edge I had lost when it came to placing gear.  I would soon learn.

We pulled up to a nice granite cliff roughly 120 meters high. One of the trip members had previously been there and wanted to try a route he hadn’t performed well on before. He did well this time around, but I spent most of the day scare of falling. Not because of gear placement, but because of the friable knobs.

The knobs in Terelj resemble the ones at Tuolume Meadows, but they are much less secure. I am sure I’ll get use to them over time, but for now, they just scare me. My next trip home, I’ll be bringing back a couple sets of hexes and tri-cams to protect these routes. I don’t completely trust the crystals that line the cracks to hold the cams.

I spent along time on this wide crack. Many of my big cams aren’t here yet; maybe I should have waited.
 Turtle Rock. Local tell me it’s “OK” to climb, but I’m not sure it I believe them. It’s a major tourist destination. Those cracks do look inviting, and with no bolts, who knows.
 Nice wall behind on camp. Has room for a dozen bolted, steep face climbs on Knobs.
 Time to buy some rugged pants and flannel shirt.
 Kuma watching me suffer
10 meters up, 35 meters to go.

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