Indonesian Swinger

 Photographing people moving can be very challenging. One fun way to practice and experience how movement and shutter interact is to photograph people on swings.
Depending on where you stand, a swinger can be quite complicated to focus on. Shooting straight on requires quick focusing skills, or pre-focusing the camera manually to get the best shot.
Developing movement skills can be useful in all types of shooting situations. Sports, water and weddings all have movement. Animal photography, which doesn’t often give you a second chance also requires you to shoot quickly while reacting to movement.

We Choose to Live life The Way We Do

ahwahnee-hotel-o-vacationideasguide.com_Personally, I love my life. Actually, I’ve loved 90% of my life because I choose to be selfish about the way I live it. I live it for me, not for others. That doesn’t mean I chose to be antisocial, it just means I don’t let others dictate what my priorities are.

Along the way, things have changed a lot, and they are still changing. Today, I take responsibility for my happiness. Climbing has been the constant in my life, but that was my choice. One reason I climb, is that it serves no other purpose but to enjoy myself. Even now that I own a climbing gym, I still climb for me and no one else. Yes, I teach others, I interact and I demonstrate climbing, but I climb because I want to climb. The days I don’t feel like climbing, I don’t. Continue reading We Choose to Live life The Way We Do

Alamy- Another License


When people ask me what sell in editorial stock photography, I usually reply that anything can sell at anytime. That’s why when I travel, I shoot the images I want, but I also shoot random images that don’t have any significant meaning or artistic value to me.My latest license at is a Editorial shot of the Alamy  is an editorial shot of Arby’s sign.

Because the image will be used for editorial purposes, I don’t need to supply a property release. With no-one in the shot, I don’t need a model release either.

When ever I travel, I take similar images. Fast Food Chains, Department Stores, and other franchises threat me quite well in the stock photography market.

I have a growing collection of Mc Donalds and KFC images with writing in various language underneath.  McDonald’s sign with Thai writing, I have it, Startbucks with Chinese writing, I can help.

Shooting stock photography is an interesting and fun way for photographers to supplement their income. As both a climber and teacher who travels a lot, I’m fortunate enough to have opportunities to shoot a variety of images. If you want to learn more about stock photography, I can recommend the following book available on


Spring Break- Yahoo

The other morning I woke up early and roamed looking for a good photo. This is what i came up with. It’s not my usual style or subject, but I like it. Seems simple, has nice light, and I like the simple texture.

I spent this morning packing my photography and climbing gear. In a few minutes, I’ll head to the airport and fly to Bandung near Jakarta Indonesia. About one hour from Bandung is Indonesia’s most developed climbing area and I want to see what it has to offer.

Bandung also has some hot springs which are worth a visit if time permits.

I get back on Sunday evening and Monday I am headed to the Prigi Beach area. I want to check out the 600 meter wall I keep hearing about. This will be primarily a recon trip, but if the area in good, I should be able to scope out some Big Wall rock climbing first ascents. If so, I’ll get a small team of climber together to climb this summer.

Maduran Boy in the Red Shirt

While walking around the bull races on the island of Madura, Indonesia, I saw this young boy running across the field. I took a knee and focused my camera on him when he noticed me. Instead of turning away or trying to avoid me, he stood still and looked stay at me.
His bright red shirt, yellowish pants, and green background made for nice contrast in my image. Pretty happy with it overall.

Life the Way I See See It.